Sarugakyo Onsen’s Original Open-Air Bath
Yumoto Choseikan
Yumoto Choseikan

Views of Lake Akaya and the Tanigawa Mountains
Experience seasonal cuisine and our open-air bath

Located in Sarugakyo Onsen in Gunma Prefecture.
A bustling hot spring town, known during the Edo Period as “Sasanoyu" and "Yushima Onsen,"
it was relocated to its current location following the dam construction in the 1950s and continues to be loved by visitors to this day.
Featuring Sarugakyo Onsen's original open-air bath, bathhouses with stunning views, and drinkable hot spring water,
as well as seasonal dishes featuring local Joshu ingredients, carefully crafted by our chef.

Hot Springs

Enjoy overflowing hot spring water
straight from the source

Sarugakyo Onsen provides numerous health benefits. It has positive effects for those with wounds, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, rheumatic conditions, gout, uric acid diathesis, and more. Its mineral makeup makes it great for drinking as well, where the 56.5℃ (133.7℉) colorless spring water is said to have positive effects on chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic constipation, gout, chronic digestive diseases, and more.

Features of the rustically beautiful open-air bath

Enjoy the open-air bath with the Tanigawa Mountain Range unfolding before you, or while gazing at the night sky full of stars.Relax in comfort as the first buds of spring appear, amongst the lush greenery of summer, under the deep colors of the autumn leaves, or surrounded by snow in the open-air bath.Become one with nature as you experience Japan's changing seasons.

The open-air bath
Views of Lake Akaya...
A distinctly different experience from the open-air bath

The views from the indoor bath make it feel as though you're out in nature along the shore of Lake Akaya.The bath is spacious and allows guests to enjoy the scenery of the changing seasons.

The hot spring water is safe to drink
The hot spring water is safe to drink

With an abundance of negative ion minerals, especially calcium, the hot spring is praised for its health benefits.

Hot Spring Qualities and Efficacy
Spring Qualities Chloride spring, sulfur spring
Efficacy Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, gastrointestinal conditions, oversensitivity to cold, promotion of healing, atopic skin conditions, etc.
  • It is possible to take a bath only without staying overnight.
  • You can take a bath even if you have tattoos.


Local Joshu ingredients are our specialty

While Gunma Prefecture (Joshu) lacks access to the sea, it is full of delicious food. Wild vegetables, local vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, rice, grain, livestock, trout, and more. The combination of these wonderful seasonal ingredients and our chef's culinary prowess allows guests to enjoy delicious food throughout the four seasons. Every dish is prepared with the greatest care.

Joshu Wagyu Beef
Joshu Wagyu Beef

This course features Joshu Wagyu Beef as its main ingredient. You can choose between grilled steak or sukiyaki. Joshu Beef is locally produced in Gunma Prefecture. The high-quality black Japanese cattle are raised with care by local Gunma cattle-breeders.

Joshu Pork Shabu Shabu
Joshu Pork Shabu Shabu

Gunma has a long history of wheat production, which was used as feed for pigs. By feeding the pigs a wheat-based diet, the meat became much less gamey and far more delicious.

Standard Course
Standard Course

A traditional multi-dish course (kaiseki) featuring fresh, seasonal items.The culinary skill of our chef shines through in this course and features an abundance of carefully selected ingredients.Please enjoy the ever-changing selection of dishes.


Traditional Japanese breakfast in a traditional setting.Featuring locally grown koshihikari rice, Japanese yams, which are also called "mountain medicine" for their high nutritional value, and onsen eggs, a staple of hot spring inns.


Connected Two-Room Guestroom

Guest Rooms
Connected Two-Room Guestroom

Spacious connected rooms perfect for groups or large families. The Japanese-style rooms are equipped with a washroom and feature views of the Tanigawa Mountains or Lake Akaya.

Connected Two-Room Guestroom
Connected Two-Room Guestroom
Connected Two-Room Guestroom

Guest Rooms
Standard Room

8~10 tatami mat-sized rooms, perfect for families and small groups, or even solo travelers! This calm Japanese-style room is equipped with a washroom and overlooks the beautiful mountains of Sarugakyo.

Standard Room
Standard Room
Great Hall
Great Hall
Night Lounge
Night Lounge
(Currently closed.)
EV Charging Station
EV Charging Station
Facility Information
No. of Rooms 30 Rooms (Japanese-style)
Parking Yes (free)
Amenities Toothbrush, bath towels, hand towels, shampoo, body soap, hand soap, yukata, hair dryer, down duvet
Guest Room Furnishings Air conditioner, TV, refrigerator
Facility Overview 150-mat great hall, mid-size banquet hall, meeting room, communal bath, couple's bath, male/female open-air baths, night salon, shop, game corner, ground golf course

Group Visits

Training camps, banquets, group tours
Our hotel can accommodate your group’s needs

Just 90 minutes from Tokyo and Niigata

Sarugakyo Onsen enjoys very convenient access.
By car, it can be reached from the Tsukiyono IC exit off the Kan-etsu Expressway. By shinkansen, the nearest station is Jomo-Kogen Station. We provide pick-up/drop-off services to Gokan Station and Jomo-Kogen Station.

A great hall to comfortably accommodate large banquets

The hotel has a 150-tatami mat-sized great hall and another large hall. It can be used not only for banquets, but also for meetings and training sessions.

The relaxing and peaceful open-air bath

The pride of our hotel are the hot springs. Our spacious open-air hot spring baths and the large communal bath are the perfect place to rest and relax.

Outdoor activities and experiences

There are numerous fun activities and hands-on experiences in the area.
Please contact us for more information.


By Car

From Tokyo Tokyo → (Kan-etsu Expressway / 155 km) → Tsukiyono → (Route 17 / 15 km) → Choseikan
From Osaka / Nagoya Osaka → (Meishin Expressway / 186 km) → Nagoya → (Tomei Expressway / 325 km) → Tokyo → (Kan-etsu Expressway / 155 km) → Tsukiyono → (Route 17 / 15 km) → Choseikan
From Toyama Toyama → (Route 8 / 100 km) → Naoetsu → (Route 18 / 17 km) → Iiyama → (20 km) → Yudanaka → (87 km) → Nakanojo → (23 km) → Choseikan
From Akita / Niigata Akita → (Route 7 / 272 km) → Niigata → (Hokuriku Expressway / 60 km) → Nagaoka → (Kan-etsu Expressway / 64 km) → Yuzawa → (Route 17 / 30 km) → Choseikan

By Shinkansen

From Tokyo Tokyo Station → (Joetsu Shinkansen / 89 min.) → Jomo-Kogen Station → (Sarugakyo Bus / 25 min.) → Gakko-shita → Choseikan
From Osaka Shin-Osaka Station → (Tokaido Shinkansen / 190 min.) → Tokyo Station → (Joetsu Shinkansen / 89 min.) → Jomo-Kogen Station → (Sarugakyo Bus / 25 min.) → Gakko-shita → Choseikan
From Niigata Niigata Station → (Joetsu Shinkansen / 66 min.) → Jomo-Kogen Station → (Sarugakyo Bus / 25 min.) → Gakko-shita → Choseikan

By Train (JR Joetsu Line)

From Tokyo Tokyo Station → (Joetsu Express Train / 130 min.) → Gokan Station → (Sarugakyo Bus / 35 min.) → Gakko-shita → Choseikan
From Niigata Niigata Station → (Joetsu Express Train / 180 min.) → Gokan Station → (Sarugakyo Bus / 35 min.) → Gakko-shita → Choseikan
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